INDIANAPOLIS (May 19, 2021) —IndyGo has adopted a Second Chance hiring initiative, intended to promote re-entry into the workforce and increase the pool of qualified applicants from which IndyGo can hire. IndyGo recognizes that there is a stigma associated with a criminal record that has resulted in significant obstacles to obtain employment. This new policy will help level the playing field for applicants who may be highly qualified but have had a criminal conviction.

Under this new policy, IndyGo will not make inquiries into an applicant’s criminal background until a conditional offer of employment has been made. If an applicant’s criminal background includes a conviction within the last seven years, IndyGo will conduct an individualized assessment of the situation.

“IndyGo’s service is all about opportunity – connecting riders to education, employment, and our community,” said Inez Evans, President & CEO. “This policy helps us to extend employment opportunities to even more qualified candidates, and gives those with a criminal history a fair chance at employment.”

While IndyGo is committed to offering a second chance to otherwise qualified applicants who have a criminal background, there are exceptions to the rule.  Applicants who have been convicted of felonies or misdemeanors for crimes against a child are not eligible for consideration under the new policy.  The new policy does not apply to positions which a federal, state or local law disqualifies an individual based on criminal background.

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