INDIANAPOLIS — IndyGo and the Indianapolis Public Transportation Foundation (IPTF) announced at Thursday night’s June 23, IndyGo Board meeting several annual awards. The Foundation named AARP Indiana as the 2021 winner of the annual Partnership Award. The agency also named several employees as winners of the internal Excellence Awards.


Partnership Award

The Partnership Award, sponsored by IPTF, is meant to honor a person, group or organization that has supported IndyGo with making progress and attaining agency goals. Winners of this award show extraordinary efforts to uplift the agency in relation to policy, teammate or program support, community service, funding, impacting the city of Indianapolis, and overall commitment to IndyGo efforts.


“IPTF is pleased to sponsor the annual IndyGo Partnership Award and recognize AARP Indiana as the inaugural recipient,” said IPTF Executive Director Emily Lovison. “AARP Indiana is a true champion for transit in Indianapolis as demonstrated by its support, sponsoring two new bus stop shelters and continued advocacy efforts for public transportation.”


“A person’s destination shouldn’t be based on their ability or desire to drive a car,” said AARP Indiana State Director Sarah Waddle. “Older residents of Indianapolis deserve transportation options that enhance their personal independence, allow them to age in place and help them engage in our city’s civic, economic and social life. IndyGo provides that critical option. AARP Indiana is honored by this recognition, and we look forward to our continued partnership with IndyGo in making accessible transit available for residents of all ages.”


Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards are a set of awards IndyGo grants to various team members of the agency who demonstrate exceptional behavior and go above and beyond meeting general expectations in several categories.


“We are fortunate to have so many talented team members who are superstar employees,” said IndyGo President and CEO Inez Evans. “To be able to publicly recognize them for their outstanding service is always an opportunity we relish and an honor they deserve.”


Awards were given in the following categories:


Leadership in Operations Awards

The Leadership in Operations Awards honor current IndyGo teammates in the operations  department who exhibit qualities of becoming a leader.



  • Training Supervisor Geneisha Berry
  • Director of Mobility Solutions Chauncyia Coleman
  • Manager of Service Scheduling Thomas Coon
  • Senior Director of Mobility Solutions Mike Roth
  • General Laborer Tyrone Rowan
  • Senior Director of Facilities and Maintenance Paul Williams
Leadership in Administration Awards

The Leadership in Administration Awards are meant to honor current IndyGo teammates in administrative positions who exhibit qualities of becoming a leader.



  • Transit Apprenticeship and Mentorship Coordinator Sarah Dufek
  • Support Technician II Shaker Mohammadtom
  • Director of Strategic Planning Brooke Thomas
Coach Operator(s) of the Year

The Coach Operator of the Year Award recognizes coach operators who exhibit extraordinary qualities.



  • Coach Operator Samuel Abebe
  • Coach Operator Laura Beck
  • Coach Operator William Hazen


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