INDIANAPOLIS – IndyGo’s Board of Directors approved the proposed Beyond Americans with Disabilities Act Policy during its meeting Thursday. Beyond ADA is a premium paratransit service for residents and trips outside the ¾-mile ADA-mandated zone on either side of existing bus routes. The adoption comes after several opportunities for the public to engage in the development of the draft policy and participate in the comment period leading up to the final proposal.

Effective January 2023, this service will provide more mobility options for IndyGo’s Open Door riders. Trips to, from or within the specific area outside of the ADA area will be eligible for new premium service, including same-day service, as vehicle capacity and schedules allow. The fare for the premium service will be $7.00 per trip. Same-day service will cost $10.00 per trip. Trips within the ADA-mandated area will not be affected by the policy change. Eligible individuals who are Open Door clients as of October 2022, will continue to receive their current service until January 1, 2025.

IndyGo currently operates ADA-level service countywide, beyond what is federally mandated, which presents financial and operational challenges. Recognizing two areas, the mandated ADA service area and a premium area, will permit the agency to improve its performance in the required ADA area, while offering a new service to the area beyond the ADA. IndyGo continues to drive its mission to connect our community to economic and cultural opportunities through increased safe, reliable and accessible mobility experiences.

More information can be found on the Beyond ADA webpage.


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