Tea’s Me Café Owner/Operator and Hall of Famer Tamika Catchings kicks off
partnership with eye-catching new advertisements

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana’s largest transit authority, IndyGo, is proud to announce a new partnership with Adsposure, a leader in transit advertising. This partnership will allow IndyGo to expand its advertising opportunities on transit assets such as buses, shelters, and paratransit vehicles, providing businesses with new and exciting ways to reach their target audience.

To kick off this new partnership, IndyGo and Adsposure worked with Hall of Famer and Owner/Operator of Tea’s Me Café, Tamika Catchings, to create the first of the new format ads that will soon be seen throughout Indianapolis on IndyGo buses. Tea’s Me Café’s advertisement incorporates designs that span across the windows and down the passenger side of the bus and a QR code that leads directly to the website, as well as features Tamika herself smiling with a cup of tea.

This new contract shows the continuing value of transit advertising in a world of media fragmentation. As audiences become increasingly inundated with advertising across various media channels, transit advertising continues to provide a unique and effective way for businesses to stand out. Brands can effectively reach a captive audience with Adsposure’s prominently displayed advertisements on IndyGo buses and shelters.

Under the terms of the contract, Adsposure will serve as IndyGo’s exclusive partner for transit advertising throughout Greater Indianapolis’s diverse coverage areas more than 400 square miles while providing on average over 35,000 weekday trips. The new contract also guarantees millions in advertising revenue to IndyGo over the life of the agreement. Unlike many other advertising options in Indianapolis, advertising with Adsposure and IndyGo gives back directly to the community, as a large portion of advertising dollars are reinvested into the transit authority.

“Indianapolis, get ready to take notice of the eye-catching and creative campaigns that will soon be seen across the market,” said Ken Black, CEO of Adsposure. “Transit advertising is a highly effective way for both large brands and small local businesses to reach nearly the entire Indianapolis population, while also supporting the local community. Whether you’re a resident or visitor of Indianapolis, it will be hard to miss the innovative ads you’ll soon see on the move.”

Transit advertising, which is often overlooked, is an effective way for businesses to reach a large audience while increasing brand awareness and driving sales. With Adsposure’s new partnership with IndyGo, businesses in the Indianapolis area can reap the benefits of a low-cost, high impact advertising medium.

“Transit advertising can be a gamechanger, especially when it comes to the ads on buses,” said IndyGo Chief Public Affairs Officer Lesley Gordon. “You have a moving billboard with the opportunity to spread your message around Marion County giving a powerful bang for your buck.”

The partnership is set to last for at least the next four years, and both Adsposure and IndyGo are excited about the possibilities. To celebrate, Adsposure and IndyGo unveiled the ad to Tamika and her team at the Tea’s Me Community Café located in Tarkington Park, to showcase the new formats and opportunities that will be available for local Indianapolis businesses thanks to this new agreement. Be sure to look for these eye-catching ads around Indianapolis.

Advertisers and agencies interested in transit advertising opportunities in Indianapolis can find more information and request a media kit at adsposure.com/media-kit/ or call the Adsposure office at 833-BUS-WRAP (833-287-9727).

For more information about Adsposure, to learn about advertising opportunities in other cities or to learn how to achieve untapped revenue opportunities from transit authorities, please visit www.adsposure.com.

See below for a video with Tamika highlighting the partnership and photos from the announcement.


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