Draft-Downtown-Routing-Comparison-'14-10-21_proposed_3Over the course of six months in 2014 and 2015, IndyGo hosted three stakeholder meetings and ten public open houses to discuss proposed changes in the system to accommodate the Downtown Transit Center and set an investment strategy for the overall goals of the transit system. In total, approximately 500 people attended stakeholder and public meetings.

In addition to hosting dedicated meetings, IndyGo staff attended 87 neighborhood and community meetings to engage the public in the decision making process regarding reroutes. On-board print and audio announcements were produced in English and Spanish; flyers were posted in the IndyGo retail sales office and more than 25 community centers throughout Marion County; internet, billboard, newspaper, TV and radio advertisements were placed to promote the planning process; press releases and media pitches generated more than 280 news stories in the Indianapolis media market.

In total, IndyGo staff documented nearly 250 comments in response to various route change proposals. But despite the scope of change being proposed in conjunction with the opening of the Downtown Transit Center, negative comments opposed to the changes were very limited. Comments in support of streamlined routing and improved frequency in the downtown area far outweighed specific complaints about route-by-route changes.

In total, IndyGo staff have interacted with more than 10,000 people at various outreach events. Additionally, a few survey tools have brought in nearly 1,500 responses about people’s willingness to walk a little further to more frequent service.

All of the comments received were submitted to the IndyGo Board of Directors who approved the route changes in April. The changes we proposed are now final and will take effect when the Downtown Transit Center opens. Stay tuned for schedules later this year!

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