The Red Line rapid transit project continues with construction packages out to bid in August. There will be two packages: one for civil work and the other for station work. Vendors are invited to bid on one or both. The IndyGo Board of Directors anticipates approving the final bid(s) in October with a groundbreaking before
end of year, and service open in 2019.

IndyGo is committed to mitigating impacts to business, neighbors, and commuters. As such, some restrictions and timing requirements will be included in the bid documents including but not limited to -work restrictions for special events, a limit on consecutive intersections impacted at one time, and signage to redirect traffic to support business access.

Coming this summer and through groundbreaking, IndyGo will be connecting with corridor business owners and residents about the anticipated schedule and resources available during construction. In addition, a dedicated construction hotline will open at the end of the year, and three corridor liaisons will serve as direct interface between work crews and the public. Later this month, a new Red Line website will launch with additional resources including a 3 week look-ahead construction schedule.

The Red Line is an element of the Marion County Transit Plan that will see a total 70% increase in public transit service by 2021. Stretching 13 miles from Broad Ripple to the University of Indianapolis, the Red Line will serve as the frequent spine of the improved efficient grid network.


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