INDIANAPOLIS (June 8, 2021) — IndyGo offers discounted summer youth passes for riders 18 years and younger. For $30, youth riders can have unlimited trips with IndyGo from June 8 through August 31. 

“We want our younger generation to experience Indianapolis like they never have before,” said Inez Evans, President and CEO. “Providing an affordable option to ride transit will allow the youth to go to their summer jobs, attend events around the city, and increase access to various economic and cultural opportunities they might not have had access to before.”  

In addition to the Summer Youth Pass program, riders 18 years and younger will have the opportunity to participate in IndyGo’s half fare program once the summer youth pass period ends. Riders should prepare to present the valid summer youth pass or half fare pass when boarding a bus.  

To purchase a summer youth pass, young riders will need to visit the Carson Transit Center to fill out an application and get their photo ID taken for their MyKey card. Once the Summer Youth Program ends on August 31st, the summer youth pass then transitions into a MyKey Half Fare card.  



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IndyGo, the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, provides public transit service throughout Marion County. IndyGo is implementing the Marion County Transit Plan, which will bring a 70% increase in IndyGo services and build a strong network of frequent service. Improvements in the plan include shorter wait times, longer service hours, easier transfers, and rapid transit lines along high ridership corridors. Visit our website, follow @IndyGoBus on Twitter, or call 317.635.3344 for more information.


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