INDIANAPOLIS, IN – IndyGo today announced two upcoming improvements to the Red Line rapid transit route corridor.

IndyGo will install audible crosswalk signals at all Red Line stations. These audible crosswalk signals will assist riders with visual impairments in determining when the “walk” sign is displayed. These additions will begin in the coming months.

“The Mobility Advisory Committee is excited to hear that IndyGo is choosing to implement these accessibility improvements,” said Greg Meyer, chair of IndyGo’s Mobility Advisory Committee, “The ability to use an auditory cue to determine when it’s safe to cross the street has a major impact on IndyGo’s visually impaired riders, and all pedestrians along the corridor.”

IndyGo will also begin improvements to the Red Line route along Meridian street as early as this Wednesday, February 5. Based on the success along College Avenue of replacing the rubber medians with concrete, IndyGo will also replace the rubber medians along Meridian Street. This project is expected to last a couple of weeks with 5 working days. All construction will be confined to the dedicated bus-only lane. Motorists should be aware that rapid transit vehicles will merge into general traffic as needed wherever construction is occurring in the dedicated bus-only lane.

These two improvements are within the remainder of the Red Line project budget.

“Through a diligent focus on budgeting, the IndyGo team and our partners have maintained sufficient project contingency to enable continued refinements to the Red Line,” said Vice President of Planning & Capital Projects Justin Stuehrenberg, “We’ve seen the improved durability of the new concrete medians on College Avenue, and we know this will also improve the Red Line infrastructure on Meridian Street.”

Motorists should follow all signs and flaggers to protect workers, drivers, and pedestrians as these improvements take place.


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