INDIANAPOLIS — IndyGo was awarded the Vision of Excellence Stormwater Project Award presented by the Indiana Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Partnership, for its Purple Line project. In addition to providing faster, more efficient, reliable transportation, the Purple Line project was recognized for innovative stormwater management efforts along the 38th Street and Post Road corridors. That includes the implementation of state-of-the-art stormwater management practices.

38th Street, a vital artery on the east side of Indianapolis, faced significant challenges prior to the project’s inception, including Pothole-filled roads, lack of sidewalks and deteriorating curbs that not only hindered vehicular traffic but also endangered pedestrian safety. Additionally, recurrent flooding due to inadequate drainage exacerbated these issues, posing significant risks to both residents and infrastructure.

“This project not only alleviated longstanding infrastructure challenges but also helps foster a sustainable and resilient community,” said IndyGo Interim President and CEO Jennifer Pyrz. “By improving transportation access, mitigating flood risks and enhancing water quality, the project has laid the foundation for continued economic development and environmental stewardship in the region.”

With an investment of $188 million, the project aimed to enhance transportation infrastructure and provide safe walkways while prioritizing stormwater management and environmental sustainability.

Some of the key features of the award-winning project include:

  • Improved Transit Infrastructure – The 15.2-mile-long Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line will not only reduce travel time by 25% but also promote eco-friendly transportation solutions.
  • Stormwater Management – A separate storm sewer line was installed, redirecting stormwater to a new outlet at Fall Creek, effectively preventing discharges into the Combined Sewer Overflow system.
  • Enhanced Drainage Infrastructure – New equipment provided stormwater storage capacity, capable of handling a 10-year rain. Additionally, the project separated more than 43 acres of drainage along the 38th Street corridor, significantly reducing flood risks.

“This project was selected for its focus on environmental sustainability, addressing stormwater drainage issues, separating combined sewers, enhancing infrastructure and its efforts to improve water quality,” said Mary Atkins, MS4 Partnership Board Vice President. “The MS4 Partnership Board also appreciated the project’s partnership between the Indianapolis MS4, IndyGo, Crider & Crider, Butler, Fairman and Seufert Civil Engineers and WSP engineering services. The Board believes working together can result in great success.”

The Indiana Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Partnership is a consortium of elected officials, municipal staff and industry representatives brought together with mutual objectives of providing guidance and compliance tools for Indiana’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) MS4 Stormwater permittees.


Pictured above, beginning from left to right: IndyGo Director of Capital Projects Matt Duffy and
Indy Department of Public Works Stormwater Administrator Shannon Killion

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