Open Door Service Suspension Policies

IndyGo riders are expected to be responsible and courteous to their drivers and fellow riders by notifying IndyGo within a reasonable time frame if a trip needs to be cancelled, boarding the bus within 5 minutes of its arrival to stay on schedule, and understanding and abiding by Open Door rider privileges.

Cancelling a Trip Penalties

There are 3 types of trip cancellations which may result in penalties:

  1. Late Cancel: Calling to cancel two hours or less before your pickup window.
  2. No Show: Not being present within the pickup window (up to 5 minutes before and 25 minutes after scheduled pickup time) after the bus has arrived without the appropriate cancellation notice.
  3. Cancel At Door: Rider or someone representing the rider (parent, caretaker, etc.) tells the Operator the ride is not needed after the bus arrives. Not presenting an Open Door ID when boarding also qualifies as a cancel at the door.

No shows/late cancellations or cancelling at the door equaling 11% of your monthly trips. Missing less than 4 trips in a given month, regardless of what that percentage is, does not result in a penalty.


Obtaining or using Open Door services under false/fraudulent pretenses which includes making false or misleading statements on an eligibility application and allowing non-eligible individuals to ride using your Open Door ID may also lead to suspension of service.

Suspension & Penalties

Penalties will progress over a calendar year. On January 1 of each year, all passengers will have zero penalties.

  1. First Penalty: 5 day suspension of service
  2. Second Penalty: 7 day suspension of  service
  3. Third Penalty: 14 day suspension of  service
  4. Fourth Penalty: 30 day suspension of  service
  5. Fifth Penalty: Reviewed by the Appeals Committee and decided on a case by case basis depending on severity of misuse

Suspensions will not be imposed for circumstances beyond your control such as a personal emergency, sudden or worsening illness, job cancellations, changes to your work schedule, or a late arrival of the Open Door bus.

In the case of a suspension, you will receive a letter that includes the dates of any no shows, late cancellations, or cancellations at the door along with an appeal form. The form will also provide the date your suspension will begin.
You will have up to 14 days after the date of the stamped letter to appeal the suspension. If you do not appeal within 14 days, your suspension will begin on the date specified on the letter.

*All Open Door materials are available in various formats, including Braille, Spanish, and large print. Please contact Customer Service (317.635.3344).*