Red Line Design Competition

Winning Designs!

On August 2, 2016, a distinguished jury made of individuals from around Indianapolis, representing the City of Indianapolis, development corporations, architecture and design professionals, nonprofits, multi-modal access, ADA accessibility, public art experts, and urban planning, gathered to decide the competition winners. Thank you to all jury members, which included the following:

David Hampton / City of Indianapolis, Deputy Mayor
Emily Mack / City of Indianapolis, Director DMD
Brad Beaubien / City of Indianapolis, Long Range Planning
Leigh Riley Evans / CEO, Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation
Addison Pollack / Health by Design, IndyGo Mobility Advisory Committee
Donna Sink / AIA, People for Urban Progress
Julia Moore / Arts Council of Indianapolis
Rebecca King / Leadership Indianapolis + representing CICF

First Place

Designer: Sean Morrissey

Jury Comments:

  • Very friendly and accessible design with an outdoor aesthetic that would complement the cultural trail.
  • Signifies a city who cares and is expressed through a design which is just contemporary enough.
  • Additional customization features will need to be explored.

Second Place

Designer: DELV Design

Jury Comments:

  • Lighted countdown feature is well a integrated and attractive addition.
  • Considered the most urban and edgy design of the submissions that is truly a product and reflection of its time.
  • Concrete design may look too heavy while glass panels may be inviting to vandalism.

Third Place

Designer: Darin Lanich

Jury Comments:

  • Reflects the design of the Downtown Transit Center with an attractive swoop in the roof.
  • A well detailed plan of amenities that leads to a safe, believable, accessible, mature design.
  • Felt too heavy but could be lightened by changes in structure material and the addition of colors to signify the line.

This competition was to foster creative design solutions for the 28 rapid transit stations along Phase 1 of the Red Line Rapid Transit (BRT) route, Participants were asked to consider how the station design would maximize rider benefits, reflect the culture of Indianapolis, maintain safety, be cost effective, and encourage multimodalism while being a part of a functional, effective, and reliable transit system. The winning design will be further developed into the final station design to be used along the Red Line.


  • 1st Place: $5,000
  • 2nd Place: $2,000
  • 3rd Place: $1,000

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