Jury Process

The Red Line Station Design Competition was facilitated by IndyGo to foster creative design solutions for the 28 rapid transit stations along Phase 1 of the Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route. A one-stage, open-ideas competition, participants were asked to submit two separate concept-level station designs: one for center platforms and one for curbside platforms. Entrants were supplied with station and budgetary specifications, as well as design guidelines, in order to guide their design process, and were each assigned a random 5 digit number in order to maintain anonymity.

31 submissions were received and were pre-reviewed by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) for compatibility with historical districts, architects, and by engineers from CDM-Smith, the project consultant for the Red Line, for structural and financial feasibility, and the Director of Special Transit Projects for IPTC for operational feasibility. 7 submissions were disqualified prior to consideration by the jury due to structural, financial, or operational infeasibility. The 24 remaining submissions, from local, national and international locations, were voted on by the public online and at 4 public meetings along the Red Line corridor. Submissions were also scored by a diverse 8-person jury representing the City of Indianapolis, community development corporations, architecture and design professionals, nonprofits, multi-modal access, ADA accessibility, public art experts, and urban planning. These submissions were blindly scored individually by each juror in relation to the proposed design criteria: feasibility, placemaking, and rider experience.

The jury convened on August 2, 2016 to consider the designs as a group. Discussion focused on the entries which received the 6 highest average individual scores from the jury and the top 5 vote getters from the public vote, totally 9 designs. The first place design won both the public vote and averaged the highest score from the jury members. Design submission #54679 was selected as the overall winner of the competition, design #06443 took 2nd place and design #01129 took 3rd place. Designs 77333, 88088, and 93083 were deemed honorable mention due to their competitive presence during the jury discussions.

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