Route 10 1(354B) MapThree times a year, IndyGo has a “Pick.” The Pick is when drivers get to pick the routes and schedules that they want to drive based on seniority. This is why your normal driver may no longer be taking you to work one day. The Pick happens on the second Sunday in February, June and October. Our planning department also uses this opportunity to make minor shifts in routes and times. For example; if a bus is continually running late each day due to traffic congestion, our planners might readjust the schedule, providing riders a more accurate picture of when the bus will arrive.

For our upcoming Pick on Sunday, June 14, our planners only made minor changes to Route 10. The schedule adjustments will be on early morning trips. Changes will effect the Monday through Friday schedule westbound at 10th/Shortridge, Community East and Glen Arm/West Haven. To see if your bus will be affected, view the full schedule. Please note our Trip Planner and Google Maps already has this change in place for Sunday’s schedule.

Be on the lookout for our next Pick in October to see if you may be affected.

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