Will Hazen

Will Hazen has been a Coach Operator for two years. As a third-generation driver (grandfather and father), Will enjoys the opportunity to serve the people of Indianapolis. To Will, being a Coach Operator is rewarding and fulfilling. This role allows him to feel accomplished in helping others get where they need to go.

Nathan Barnes

Nathan Barnes has been a Coach Operator for almost eight years. Nathan shared working as a Coach Operator serves the community well and he loves serving people- it’s a ministry to him. He likes to take care of people and ensure they get where they need to go when they need to get there.

Joetta Camden

Joetta Camden has been a Coach Operator for almost eight years. Joetta shared that having a background in deaf education is a game changer when working as a Coach Operator. Joetta has a few deaf riders who are so appreciative when riding her bus since they can communicate with someone who understands them. The interactions she gets with people is the main reason why she loves her job.

Martin Horst

Martin Horst has been a Coach Operator for two years. One of the things Martin loves most about his job is it’s a job where you can experience the city. He learns about the newest eateries, community events and festivals, and so much more. He loves being able to see firsthand events taking place around the city and letting his riders, friends and family know about them.

Laura Beck

Laura Beck has been a Coach Operator for ten years. Laura shared working with IndyGo for this long has allowed her flexibility in her scheduling. As a single mom, it’s allowed her to balance her career with quality time with her son.

Dilexi Rosario

Dilexi Rosario has been a Coach Operator for 15 years. Dilexi shared that working at IndyGo for as long as she has allowed her to grow and reach her full potential. As a Coach Operator, she sometimes communicates with riders who don’t speak English as their first language. When she comes across riders who speak Spanish and they also realize she speaks Spanish, it puts them at ease and makes them more comfortable when riding with IndyGo.

IndyGo offers competitive hourly rates and benefits, including the following:

  • Make up to $23+/hr. the first year
  • Paid training (for your CDL and IndyGo training)
    • $17/hr. – No CDL
    • $18.50/hr. – with CDL
    • $23+/hr. (after training)
  • Full-time positions with guaranteed 40 hours per week and overtime potential
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Free on-site wellness clinic for employees and their families
  • Retirement plans options
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Local work and no overnight travel
  • Free IndyGo transportation for employees and their families
  • Federal Loan Forgiveness Program

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Second Chance Hiring Initiative

The Second Chance hiring initiative is intended to promote re-entry into the workforce and increase the pool of qualified candidates from which IndyGo can hire. We recognize that there is a stigma associated with a criminal record that has resulted in significant obstacles to obtain employment.

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Second Chance Hiring

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