Nonprofit Resources

The Indianapolis Public Transportation Foundation is proud to join with IndyGo to provide an integrated service for nonprofit organizations within Marion County. The goal of this service is to decrease the financial barrier to public transportation, making it easier for organizations in our community to assist individuals seeking employment, food, healthcare, education, and other enriching and essential services.

Through IPTF, nonprofit organizations have two ways of accessing resources:

  • Apply to receive free bus passes through the competitive Bus Pass Grants.
    • Grants are currently closed.
  • Purchase discounted passes through the Nonprofit Discount program.
    • This program gives nonprofits a 50% discount to purchase full fare bus passes. Maximum discount is $1,000 per calendar year. You can find more details about this program on our Nonprofit Discount page.

Both of these programs are funded through donations to IPTF’s Mobility Access Fund and our partnership with IndyGo. For any questions, please contact Rachel Moss, IPTF’s Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects Manager, at Foundation@indygo.net.

Nonprofit Discount

The Indianapolis Public Transportation Foundation is coordinating with IndyGo to facilitate a discount program for Nonprofit Organizations. Organizations may submit an online request for discounted passes. Applications will be reviewed and responded to within 10 business days.

Organizations may use the discount to purchase full fare passes up to a discount of $1,000 within one calendar year. For example, 500 full fare one-day passes typically cost $2,000. With the nonprofit discount, an organization can purchase 500 passes for $1,000.

To be eligible for a discount, an organization must:

  • be located within Marion County
  • a 501c(3) nonprofit organization
  • Provide a copy of their most recent 990
  • Agree to not resell passes purchased at a discount

Nonprofits will be asked to reapply yearly to verify they continue to meet the discount parameters.

Click below to complete your discount request.

Request a Discount

Bus Pass Grants

The Indianapolis Public Transportation Foundation is not currently accepting requests for Bus Pass Grants.

To be eligible for a grant, an organization must:

  • be located within Marion County
  • a 501c(3) nonprofit organization
  • be able to describe how they are promoting accessibility, equity, and inclusivity in alignment with IPTF’s mission.
  • be able to describe how they will use the bus passes to help fulfill their organization’s mission.
  • have not already received a grant in 2022.
  • Agree to not resell granted bus passes

Please note, bus pass grants are intended to be a short-term solution as resources are limited. We encourage organizations to consider purchasing discounted bus passes whenever possible.

This is a competitive grant process that will be opened every year as funds are available. Typical range for bus pass grants is $500-$2,000 in value.

To sign up to be notified when the next grant round is open, please click the button below.

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Vehicle Donation

To support the essential work IPTF does to promote access and mobility around Indianapolis, any vehicles that are removed from IndyGo’s revenue service will be put up for auction. The proceeds from that auction will go toward IPTF and increase our ability to support our discount pass programs and other initiatives.  

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle please visit GovDeals.com.