INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 2, 2021) – Effective Aug. 31, IndyGo will no longer sell the 7-day paper bus pass. Passes purchased before then will be valid until the expiration date on the back of the pass. As IndyGo continues to implement the MyKey fare system, it plans to transition away from select paper passes.

MyKey provides a whole new way for passengers to pay for their ride with several options, including paying with a QR code through the mobile app right on your smartphone, or through a tap card you can purchase at the retail desk at the Julia M. Carson Transit Center or from a ticket vending machine (TVM).

Using MyKey also allows passengers to tap into fare capping. This is an alternative to a weekly or monthly pass. It removes the barrier of upfront costs of passes and allows you to pay as you go with a cap on the amount you pay. Once the fare cap amount is reached within a single day or transit week, passengers will not be charged any additional fare until the start of a new day or transit week. To learn more about the features of MyKey, how to download the app and the benefits of fare capping, click HERE.

IndyGo reserves the right to make fare equipment changes as needed to continually improve and innovate transportation services in Marion County.

For questions about this change, you can contact IndyGo Customer Service at 317-635-3344.

For media inquiries, contact Carrie Black, IndyGo director of communications, at 317-664-1951.


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