We hope you’ve enjoyed free service on the Red Line!

IndyGo is now using temporary vending machines to allow riders to pay for service until the MyKey system is ready to launch. Red Line riders should now purchase fare before boarding and present proof of payment upon request. Here is what you should know about purchasing fare to use the Red Line.

1. Using IndyGo’s Temporary Fare Vending Machines

Types of Passes Available

We’re increasing access to our transit system. Now you can use fare vending machines located at all Red Line stations and the Carson Transit Center to pay for both rapid transit and local route service. Passes that can be purchased at Red Line stations are: Two-Hour Transfer Ticket (Full and Half Fare), Day Pass (Full and Half Fare), and Week Pass (Full Fare).

Paying with Cash

Fare vending machines will only accept bills to the nearest $5 increment (Example: For a $4.00 transaction, the machine would accept a $5 bill, but not a $10 bill). Be sure to insert coins one at a time. Remember, fare vending machines do not give change.

Paying with Card

Fare vending machines accept the following card payment methods: Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover. Make sure to leave credit/debit cards inserted in the fare vending machine until prompted to remove.

2. Using IndyGo’s Current Paper Pass System

Already have a purchased paper pass from Customer Service or online? The Red Line accepts these too!

If you’re using a Day Pass, 7-Day Pass, or 31-Day Pass, just activate your pass using the farebox located at the front of the rapid transit vehicle if you’re using it for the first time. On additional trips, you can simply find a seat and a Fare Inspector will check your activated pass to verify it is still valid.

If you’re using a Single Trip or 10-Trip Pass, you’ll need to insert it at the farebox each time you use it to keep count of your rides.

3. Boarding the Red Line

All fare must be purchased before boarding the Red Line. There are no sales at the farebox on rapid transit. Once you have either your paper ticket from a fare vending machine or your activated paper pass from IndyGo’s Customer Service, find a seat and keep your fare available in case Fare Inspectors ask to see your proof of payment.

4. Interacting with Fare Inspectors

You’ll see Fare Inspectors onboard rapid transit vehicles and on station platforms. Fare Inspectors may ask to see your proof of payment to ensure you’ve paid and/or validated your fare. When a Fare Inspector announces they are going to begin fare inspections, simply have your proof of payment ready.

For more information, check out this short video, visit our website, call our Customer Service at 317.635.3344, or contact us on social media @IndyGoBus. See you on the Red Line!

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