IndyGo is increasing your transit service by 70%! Starting this year, hours are extended, buses are coming more often, your waiting is shorter, and we’re building 3 rapid transit lines.

Local Route Improvements

Bus Rapid Transit

Red Line

Purple Line

Blue Line

Super Stops

Capital Plan

Over the next 5 years, IndyGo will implement the approved 2018-2023 Capital Plan to support the increased service frequency, hours, and network design.

Route Improvements

The 70% increase in service means 3 rapid transit lines and better local bus service. We’re already getting started on improving the local bus service, and in 2018 alone riders have seen 450+ trips added. Check out where we are headed: 2022 System Map.

February 2018 first local route improvements.

June 2018 second local route improvements.

How did we get here?

In 2014, the Indiana General Assembly allowed some Central Indiana counties to dedicate an income tax up to 0.25% for mass transit projects. On November 8, 2016, 59.4% of Marion County voters supported the tax to improve the city’s transit system. At the January 9, 2017 City County Council meeting, Proposal 3, a measure to enact a tax dedicated to transit, was introduced by Council President Maggie Lewis. The full council voted for final adoption on Monday, February 27, 2017. Read the press release for more information.

Learn more about the Marion County Transit Plan. (See Section 3 of the Central Indiana Transit Plan)



  • Purple Line Small Starts application
  • Purple Line station and lane alignment outreach
  • Ongoing construction coordination with DPW and DMD


  • Better night and weekend frequency
  • Better hours of service
  • Red Line rapid transit construction
  • Outreach for Better Bus Stop Network


  • Red Line opens
  • All new map


  • Outreach for Blue Line rapid transit


  • Purple Line opens


  • Blue Line opens


Service Standards

Service Standards are formal definitions and characteristics that define IndyGo fixed route service, and direct current transit improvements and future service decisions. Service standards are used throughout the transit industry to measure service effectiveness and direct future improvements. Learn more.

Art in Transit


In January, 3C Indy, a partnership between Transit Drives Indy and the Arts Council of Indianapolis, chose local artists for a multi-year placemaking program that aims to create a new culture of public transit in Indianapolis.

3C Indy is designed to educate and engage communities, and promote and monitor progress throughout the implementation of the Marion County Transit Plan.

Learn more about how these artists have been working closely with neighborhoods and businesses along the Red Line and Purple Line corridors to educate and promote the system and its benefits.

Transit Plan File Archive