Check out the great advice for taking the bus on cold and snowy winter days from our experienced riders:

  1. “Bundle up, always know the schedule, understand it may take some time for the bus to get to you even though it is cold and have your bus pass or money out and ready when you get on the bus.” –Michael Hornung
  2. “Plan ahead, dress warm, understand it’s not the drivers fault that the roads are slick” –Jackie Shelbourne
  3. “Dress warm have your $$ ready with exact change and expect delays during bad weather.” –Eric Russell
  4. “Keep warm! IndyGo has all schedules online. Download the PDF files to your phone or tablet. That way you will always have them available for viewing. Much easier than paper schedules!” -Christopher Gammon
  5. “Have exact change or pass ready, be courteous and patient, bring a book to read!” –Rhonda Huisman
  6. “It’s better to stand, don’t sit on benches, they will only make you colder… If the bus hubs are jam packed be courteous and stand outside of them (gentlemen I’m talking to you) and let women and children stand inside bus hub. There is also usually a heater under one of the seats about 1/4 way back, before the hump seat, it’s a warm spot. Or if you go to back of bus and sit at back especially the older Ines you can get the heat from the engine and it’s really warm.”  –Daniel N. Hoffman
  7. “If you ride when it’s dark like me because of DST, wave your cell phone in advance to give the driver signal you’re at the stop. The light not only lets them know you’re standing there, but also helps prepare them to slow down and not splash you when it’s low visibility and slushy. In addition, if you don’t have a cell phone wear reflective colors outerwear: scarf, gloves, hat, etc.” –Schamonda Jenean
  8. “Everyone says to layer but many people forget this means on your legs as well. Adding a pair of thin long johns makes a huge difference. Also, be sure to use the handrail when getting on and off – the built up snow and ice doesn’t care if you are young or old.” –Brenda Havens

For real-time arrival information, call 317.635.3344 or follow @IndyGoBus for late buses during peak travel times. Any snow detours will be found here.

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