Red Line Rapid Transit

The Red Line is one component of the larger Marion County Transit Plan, which proposes significant improvements system-wide. This frequent, fast and reliable service will become the central spine of an efficient and connected grid of routes. Thanks to local funding approval by the City-County Council on February 27, the Transit Plan will be implemented with or without federal funding. These public meetings will help keep the Red Line Rapid Transit project on schedule, allowing it to be shovel-ready as soon as funds are available.

Funding Update

The $75 million Small Starts Grant was recommended for the Red Line and is in the 2017 fiscal year national budget. As our federal budget is currently being funded by a continuing resolution, the discretionary Small Starts grant program dollars have not yet been appropriated. It is important to note that the dedicated local funds, enacted by a positive City-County Council decision on February 27, allow the Red Line to move forward with or without these federal dollars.

Phase 1 of the Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project will run from Broad Ripple south to the University of Indianapolis. The Red Line will provide frequent and fast service, connecting Indianapolis residents and visitors with more places to work, shop, and experience our great city.

March 2017 Public Meeting Presentation 

New Station Renderings:


Additional Project Documents

Traffic Study 

Environmental Study

Alternatives Analysis


Red Line FAQ   Phase 1: Detailed Plans
Red Line Station Design Competition

Indy Connect
The Red Line is a component of the regional transportation plan,
Indy Connect.