Transit Center Bays Temporarily Closed

Starting Monday, October 8, Bus Bays G & F will be temporarily closed while pavement is repaired at the Transit Center. For the rest of 2018, several routes will temporarily board at different locations to accommodate the construction.

During construction, buses may be double-parked at bays and some sidewalks may be temporarily closed.

Please use caution when boarding and exiting the bus. Transit Supervisors will be available for questions.

Bay & Paver Renovation Timeline:
Bays G & F Closed: 10/8 – 10/12
Bays E & D Closed: TBD
Bay C Closed: TBD
Bays A & B Closed: TBD
Bays L, M, N, Q, P, O Closed: TBD
Bays H, J, K, T, S, R Closed: TBD

Route Weekday Saturday Sunday
2 T T T
3E K K K
3W B B B
4 P P No service
5 S S S
6 S (7:00p Bay R) S (7:00p Bay R) R
8E L L L
8W A A A
10E D D D
10W C C C
11 O No Service No Service
12 H H H
13 H H H
14 J J J
15 Q Q Q
16 T T No Service
17 E E E
18 N N Glendale/Keystone
19 E (8:10p Delaware parallel to jail) E P
21 R R R
22 J No Service No Service
24 K K No Service
25 P P No Service
28 N N N
31 M M M
34 O O O
37 E E E
38 E E E (After 8:10p Bay B)
39 Delaware parallel to jail Delaware parallel to jail Delaware parallel to jail
55 O No Service No Service